Knowing Jewels: How to Choose and Wear Them

Knowing Jewels offers a wise and often witty look at precious and semi-precious stones and costume jewelry. From diamond engagement rings to world-famous colored stones to your grandmother’s pearls, this intimate, personal book offers practical advice about wearing, buying and giving jewelry. Filled with sparkling insights and thought-provoking stories culled from the author’s 30 years of working with clients, this book is a treasure for anyone who loves jewelry.

Diamonds: A Personal Guide

So, you are getting engaged…

You want to buy a ring. But what size diamond? What’s the right setting? What if you and your to-be-wed disagree? What if you have a family stone that your spouse, frankly, hates? In this personal and thorough guide, jewelry and gem dealer Patrizia di Carrobio walks couples through everything they need to know to choose and purchase the right engagement ring for them. Filled with colorful stories of real-life couples, Diamonds also shows how choosing an engagement ring provides insight into the person you’re about to marry. A ring is more than a ring; it’s a joint decision and one that can foreshadow the facets of your life to come.

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