A Haircut in Brussels

When I travel to Europe, which happens maybe a handful of times throughout the year, I try to make a stop in Brussels for a haircut. Many people might think that's crazy, but I suspect that many others might completely understand, given how important a great haircut can be and how it can change the entire way that you feel about your outlook on life. 

Sebastien Ledentu Haircut.jpg

Sébastien Ledentu is actually from Paris, but he has been running his salon in Brussels since 2011. He takes a more emotional approach to hair instead of a fashion-forward point of view (when I get to his chair I never have to worry that he will tell me what's the hottest new cut or color that we have to try). But there is still a certain degree of trust that one must lend to him during the session. Like many talented hairstylist, Sébastien uses a razor to cut the hair of many of his clients. It's a process that many stylists use to temper thick, unruly hair, as the cut tends to thin out the ends a bit more than a pair of scissors. 

Before he starts the haircut, Sébastien say, "Close your eyes, and I will cut." So that's what I do.

Images courtesy of Sébastien Ledentu 

Images courtesy of Sébastien Ledentu 

Shannon Adducci